Sometimes joy hurts…

Jeremiah 29-11Lately I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about joy, what it truly means and how to live your life filled with joy. Here’s what I’ve discovered….

Most people think joy is a feeling.  We hear people say, “that gave me such joy” or “I’m just filled with joy today” to describe when they are feeling exceptionally happy.  The problem with feelings are that they are temporary and very, very fickle.  You can go from bliss to miserable in a matter of seconds.  So when we describe joy as a feeling we are selling ourselves short.

To me joy is a decision, a commitment.  To live your life filled with joy each day is to make a conscious decision and commitment that you are going to open yourself to being the person God designed you to be.  When you make that commitment you will be amazed at just how wonderful life can be.

And yet…..

Sometimes life hurts.  Can you still be joyful when it hurts so much?  This question has been on my mind more than usual this week.  Recent events have me looking for joy in places devastated by tragedy.  Guess what… it’s still there.

Where is joy when life hurts, when your feelings say that you just can’t take anymore?

Joy is knowing that you have been created by a God who loves you, who counts every hair on your head and who has a plan for your life that is good.

So when you don’t feel the joy what do you do?  You take a breath, close your eyes and commit once again to the path he has laid out for you.  Trusting that you will make it and it won’t always hurt this much.


About Tina Cochran

Founder of the Alpacas for Autism program of Golden Heartland Ranch. Certified Health Coach empowering you to lose weight and build health.
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1 Response to Sometimes joy hurts…

  1. Amen! I heard a preacher say this a long time ago and it stuck with me ever since: Joy depends on Jesus, happiness depends on “happenings”. As long as we have Jesus we can find joy no matter what is happening in our lives whereas happiness is usually based only on circumstances.

    It’s so encouraging to know that we can even have joy during the trials in life because of Jesus!

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