Goals – My secret choice

In 2012 I stopped setting “goals” for myself.  It was a secret project that I shared with only a few close friends.

It’s been an interesting year of growing and learning to live by moving in a general direction instead of obsessing about making progress towards a SMART goal.

What I have learned is that what is more important than any individual goal is defining a purpose.  There really is only one thing that we need to do and that is learn more every day about how to grow in relationship with God.  As we do, he guides our path and direction..

What I’m now realizing is that there is a place for goals, but they must be set through God’s guidance in his time, with his values.  Those are the smartest goals of all.

I have this poem posted in my office… it describes what my life goals are now.

” You said to lean on Your arm,
  and I’m leaning.
You said to trust in Your love,
  and I’m trusting.
You said to call on Your name,
  and I’m calling.
I’m stepping out
You word.

Maya Angelou


About Tina Cochran

Founder of the Alpacas for Autism program of Golden Heartland Ranch. Certified Health Coach empowering you to lose weight and build health.
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